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Ordinance 3.02.00


Alcohol  Control Ordinance  3.02.00

Following is a summary of the ordinance 3.02.00.  The full text of ordinance may be obtained by calling the Town Clerk at 920-925-3522 or 920-925-3846. 


The purpose of this ordinance 3.02.00 is for the Town to regulate specific actions at or near any alcohol beverage retail locations in the town.  In the event any alcohol beverage retail or wholesale sale licensee or permittee violates this ordinance or chapter 125, Wis. Stats., the Town Board may take disciplinary action, including permit or license suspension for not less than 10 nor more than 90 days, or permit or license revocation or nonrenewal.

A point system is established for the purpose of guiding the Town in making decisions on possible suspensions or revocations of alcoholic beverage licenses.  The number of demerit points shall be assigned according to the type of violation.  The system is intended to identify habitually troublesome liquor licensees who repeatedly violate state statutes and/or Town of Lebanon ordinances, and to take consistent action against such licensees. 

Compliance Conditions and Penalties are established in the ordinance. 

This ordinance was adopted on November 2, 2017 and is effective upon this publication November 10, 2017.                                                                            

Deborah Behl, Town Clerk

N1738 County Road R, Lebanon