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Farmland Preservation Meeting

Farmland Preservation Program Public Information Meeting

The Town of Lebanon is reviewing the opportunity to participate in the State’s Farmland Preservation Program.  To help make an informed decision on this matter, the Town of Lebanon is going to host a Public Information Meeting to review the Farmland Preservation Program.  Please consider attending the informational meeting.

When:     8:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Where:    Lebanon Town Hall, N 1738 County Highway R

Why:        Review the State’s Farmland Preservation Program and the Town’s option to participate.  Dodge County staff officials will review the program, especially Farmland Preservation Zoning.  The Town’s current zoning status and potential options will be reviewed. 

Who:       Town of Lebanon Landowners and Residents

A quorum of Town Board and Planning Committee members may be present to observe the meeting and gather information. However, no local elected official action will be taken.